Are you looking for portrait artists for hire to hand paint you a wonderful oil painting?

Hello and welcome to Portraits from Photos! We are 5 talented portrait artists that hand paints beautiful oil paintings based on your photographs. We’re based in London UK but we offer free worldwide delivery.

All of us are highly skilled and believe that quality comes first. Take a look at our portrait styles to understand the different styles you could have.  For example are you looking to hire portrait artists who can paint your oil portrait in a Realist style?

Realism Portraits from Photos – Meet Portrait Artist Sam Banks

realism portraits

If you’re looking for portrait artists for hire that can paint a realist style oil painting then meet portrait artist Sam Banks. He painted this wonderful oil painting of Michael above. Michael said:

An exceptional piece of work by a very talented artist. We are very very happy and our high expectations have been comfortably exceeded!

Sam is an excellent Realist portrait artist so if you’re looking for portrait artists for hire that paint in this style he is an excellent choice. Here are some other oil paintings that he has painted.

custom oil portrait  old military paintings











Portrait Artists for hire – Painterly style by Tom Lloyd

If you’re looking for a more painterly style, then our portrait artist Tom Lloyd is your man.  Tom is excellent at painting children his style of painting with looser brushstrokes adds a more gentle feel to the painting.

child oil portraits

Sheata’s Portrait

This oil portrait below is another oil painting painted by Tom Lloyd its vibrant yet soft at the same time.

Sheata’s mother said:

“Just confirming safe receipt of the paintings – they are just beautiful and have truly surpassed our expectations. Please pass out sincere thanks to the artist – these paintings are  very precious to us and will be important items we can pass on to our future generations.   We will be displaying them proudly as soon as we can”.


portrait artists for hire

Who are we?

Portraits from Photos is a small yet talented online art studio that hand paints beautiful oil paintings based on your photos. If you’d like a quote or if you’d like to ask a question please contact us or leave a comment below.

Bye for now x