Portraits from Photos has painted quite a few pieces of military art. Take a look at these military paintings that we’ve painted for clients.

1. Military Art Example 1 – The Colonel

This is a photograph of the colonel, who wanted to be painted in full military regalia.  If the uniform looks familiar, it is exactly the same military uniform that Princes Charles wore.

military art

Military oil painting of the Colonel hand painted by Sergei Petrov for Portraits from Photos. Oil on canvas.

military art

As you can see the artist painted the colonel’s head in the same pose as seen in the photo but as the client wanted to be painted sitting down, the portrait artist had to change the pose of the body and arms. This military painting was hand painted using Winsor & Newton oils onto a duck cotton canvas. The whole process took between 4 -6 weeks from ordering to receiving his oil painting.




2. Military Art, Example 2 – The 3 Brothers

military art

This military painting was based on 2 separate photographs as the client did not have 1 photograph of all 3 brothers in the same photo together. Again, this piece of military art took between 4 – 6 weeks to complete. Oil on canvas.

policeman portraits from photos uk


 3. Military Art Example 3 – Grand Dad going off to War

This is a different military painting in some respects as it was based on an old black and white photograph and our client wanted his artist to paint him a colour oil portrait. If you want to seee more oil paintings based on black and white photos please visit – Black and White to Colour Portraits

old military portraits

Again this military painting took between 4 – 6 weeks to complete and yes if you commissioned an oil portrait through us you can ask your portrait artist to make slight changes if you wanted to. Delivery is free.


4 Military Art Example 4

This is in fact a large painting, it’s hard to show the scale of it on a website. It measures 132cm x 80cm and has 28 people in it, which if you can imagine took a while to paint. Every single person needs the same amount of attention when it comes to hand painting group paintings otherwise the portrait will look sloppy.  If you click on this military painting you’ll be able to see it in a bit more detail.

military art

This large military art painting took just over 6 weeks to paint and the solider who commissioned it said:

“I have just received the painting. I am really impressed with the detail and it is exactly how I imagined the painting to look.  You have done the picture proud and the soldiers that were in it. Thankyou very much for meeting my deadline and I very much look forward to presenting this”.


5. Military Art – Example 5

military art

Our final example of military art to show you is this oil painting of Uncle Jack. It was based on just one photograph and took between 4 – 6 weeks to complete. All of our military paintings are hand painted using Winsor & Newton oils onto duck cotton canvas.


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