5 Horse Portraits from Photos

Horse portraits from photos can actually be one of the hardest animals to draw or in our case paint. As a horse portrait artist you need to have a basic understanding of a horse’s anatomy if you’re to paint a realistic horse portrait and also learn about their muscles since a horse’s muscular body can be seen quite clearly under their skin, get this wrong and your horse portrait will not look good.

As you know we paint horse portraits from photos and I’d like to show you these 5 new horse portraits that we’ve just finished painting.


1. Eileen’s Horse Portrait

Eileen’s horse portrait has been beautifully painted with a simple cream background. We didn’t want to paint a brightly coloured background as we didn’t want to detract from the horse. For more information on this horse portrait please visit- Eileen’s Horse Portraits from Photos

horse artists london


2. Dave’s Horse Portrait

As you can see the artist has painted the veins and muscles that you can see under the horse’s skin, without having basic knowledge of a horse’s anatomy an artist could easily mess this up. Our artist Sam, however has painted this portrait extremely well so much so the recipient said:

“Wow! We are very impressed with the excellent portrait and please pass on our thanks to the artist”.


horse portraits from photos


3.  Robbie’s Horse

Robbie’s horse Portrait is a lovely oil painting. The neutral cream background does not detract emphasis away from the horse and complements his colouring. This horse portrait meausres 18 inches x 12 inches. For more information on Robbie’s Portrait please visit – Horse portraits from photos

horse paintings


4. Paul’s Horse Portrait from Photos

Paul’s horse has been painted in an extremely Realist style. Remember we only use Winsor & Newton oils (they’re the best) and high grade duck cotton canvases to paint your horse portrait. For more information on this horse portrait, please visit – Paul’s Horse.

horse portraits


5. One oil painting based on 3 different photos

This horse portrait was based on 3 different photos and you can clearly see all the veins and muscles in the horses faces.  if you would like to see the 3 horse photos that this horse portrait was based on please visit – 3 Horse Portrait

horse portraits


Do you have something to say?

If you have a comment or would like to commission a horse portrait based on one of your favourite photos, we’d love to hear from you! Please either leave a question below or email: hello@portraitsfromphotos.net

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