Would you like to try our mock up service?


Hello, my name is Vlatko and I’m the graphic designer here at Portraits from Photos.  I’m here to provide a mock-up service when you’re not sure how you want your oil portrait to look or if  you have a lot of photos that you need your portrait to be based on.

This service is ideal if:

  • You need your artist to base your oil painting on lots of different photographs.
  • You’re looking to commission a family portrait but have 3(+) separate photos of family members that you want painted into one oil painting and are not sure about the best composition or how everybody should be painted.
  • You’re not sure what the best background would be for your oil portrait and want me to play around with a few ideas before you actually commission your oil painting.

Once you’re happy with the mock-up I’ll then pass it along to your artist with your instructions guaranteeing that you’ll get the perfect oil portrait that you have envisioned.  I usually charge £15 for this service but it might be a bit more depending on how much time you want me to spend on your mock-up, however I’ll let you know before I start.  For more information please email me  – [email protected]

I look forward to working with you!


If you would like to commission a beautiful oil painting of your loved ones and need a mock up first please get in touch.